Uniden 980SSB Comes “2016 Version” *Updated*

Interesting video popped up online from Tim at Snake Radio Customs where he shows us that it seems Uniden has released a version of the 980 with a 2016 serial number and a different board. Driver and final difference and also som adjustment points changed or not there at all. So watch the video and you can see the differences. Wonder if these were a test bed for the McKinley USA albeit this is 12v only. Seems a limited number out there according to Tim, very interesting indeed

But as we know radios like cars go through changes in the life cycle. Do you have one of these? Do you need or notice any significant differences

There has been quite an amount of abuse sent to me via the contact form. Look at the blog name Simon “The Wizard” so guess what my name is Simon not Tim guys in USA. I’ve featured the video as was thinking if the change of board was a test of some sorts for the new McKinley USA. That’s it! Plus I’m not in Arizona, I’m not a customer of Snake Radio Customs as one idiot wrote! I’m a CB guy interested in CB stuff no matter where, near, far, anything else.

So! Don’t be abusive to me. Live your sad lives elsewhere and don’t write stuff you wouldn’t say to someone face to face.

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  1. does not even look remotely like a bearcat 880 inside ..he needs to get back to washing out cobras with driveway cleaner and a hose lol


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