Team Expert1 More “Stuff” is the place where all the Apollo II action is. I’m asked for Team Expert1 programming software but I don’t have it. I’ve CRT-2000 software so if someone wants to swap me by sending me Team software via file upload I can send you back the CRT version

So let’s get to business and remember all photos are (c) users of This photo shows that W5 is the FM modulation adjustment and it’s told that 3.2Khz of deviation can be achieved via this adjustment.

We featured before a Team modified by a German guy called tbtotal whose kindly wrote to us here:

So und nun zum Thema AFU/CB Modus, klar kann man den Draht L45 durchknipsen hat das den AFU Modus entgegen der Beschreibung braucht man ´keine Tastenkombination danach eingebn man ist in demdie Kiste ist komplett offen, jedoch kommt man auch nicht mehr in den CB Modus, ich fand die 4,8,15 Watt Auswahl schon toll daher habe ich nun nen Schalter verbaut den an der L45 Brücke angeschlossen so habe nun Original und AFU Modus. 73

English below:

So and now on the topic of AFU / CB mode, clear the wire L45 through the AFU mode contrary to the description you need ‘no key combination afterwards enter one is in the crate is completely open, but one does not come into the CB Mode, I found the 4.8,15 watts selection already great therefore I have now NEN switch installed the s.der L45 bridge connected so now have original and AFU mode. 73

There is now talk of already a higher powered modified version of the Expert1

This one features external signal meter socket, microphone adapter, 4/8/25 watt power and modulation is better on both AM/FM

Photo: (c) Torsten Has currently the most in depth information:

Radio Needs the correct PC software:

Photo: (c) DH2RT

So making a lot of noises this radio. Follow for more news and info

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