Last Ever Yeticom Optima III’s For Sale

If you’ve pined for a real true original Yeticom Optima III then the last pieces modified by the head Yeti himself are online and when they’ve gone that’s it! No more! No new Huracan II it’s done. Link below to direct you to the last of the Yeti radios. Click below

A radio ahead of time in many ways, better than many others in ways too. Icom wired, filtered, quiet receive, small, recessed fan etc it was a radio for those who knew radio in many ways. Sad to see it go!


David D, Mike your dedication, hard work, strive to get something different out onto the market is never going to be forgot. Congratulations to you both!!

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2 thoughts on “Last Ever Yeticom Optima III’s For Sale

  1. Yeticom Optima III and T2LT Antenna – the perfect duo for vacation. Fits in my little board case including a 7Ah battery, charger and SWR meter. Thats all you need!


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