Sirio & RM December Deals At DNJ Radio

Sometimes we are asked at the blog about obtaining Sirio antennas in the USA and Canada. Best choice and the official choice is DNJ Radio. Below is a link to his site with some discounts for the Christmas season ahead. Article is supplied as is for some who contacted me. And for those who use RM the article has some stuff for you too

Sirio Fighter Series P5000 (Camo) $62.50

Sirio Performer 5000 3/8  $62.50

Sirio Performer 5000  $61.50

Anyways it appears DNJ at the moment have a lot of offers, so check them out maybe? The link to all is:

RM KL 7405v  $117

RM HLA 300v  $450

Check out the main link, covers really lots of offers

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