Superstar 3900 EFT “Kamsat UK” £249.99

So for those that wanted one it appears they are now back on sale in the UK via Kamsat in Manchester. My understanding from the info I received is that these could have originally been modified by Konektor5000 in Łodz, but are now on sale again and in the UK too.

I’m old so can’t remember some of the Specifications but they are below

Output Power: 12W AM / FM and SSB 20W

Frequency: 24.265MHz – 29.655 MHz

Type of issue: AM / FM / USB / LSB / CW

Alpha Channels / +10Khz

Sensitivity 20 dB SINAD AM / FM: Better than 0,5uV

Sensitivity 10 dB SSB: 0,25uV

Voltage: 13.8 v

Link: EBay item: 172410921448 But Kamsat has a real bricks & mortar store also in WA15

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