520km & 682km QSO on 446Mhz *Updated*

Two interesting videos materialised on YouTube and thanks go to Peter B who sent me the links with a lot of comments concerning his opinion about the contacts. When you take his bad language away it revolves around equipment used to make these contacts etc. That’s it!

From me yep the radios aren’t legal, is it wise to release it on YouTube with call signs and is it wise to show it here?  So with that in mind it’s in people’s interest to see what can be achieved although it’s completely not permitted.

I’ve received in excess of 60 emails about these videos. And on Facebook comments too. Some says it’s same as using 11m. I don’t agree. But many in other countries use ham gear on freenet & PMR. Ultimately people use stuff they have I guess!  But it does show set up a decent legal UHF system with yagi antennas, 5-10watts and it will work just fine.

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4 thoughts on “520km & 682km QSO on 446Mhz *Updated*

  1. Dear Peter B, i am surprised of someone being outraged about this ?? make any automobile capable of going 300 kmh by clipping a little wire and remove all law enforcement on the roads and there will be all sorts of abuses and illegal acts going on …. by comparison that’s exactly what has happenened with the cb crowd and it’s been going on with “PMR” for years and even decades on 11m…

    As you probably know, the problem from the get go is (if problem there is ? you be the judge) the fact that ham radio transceivers are manufactured to be easily moded for MARS / CAP usage. Some retailers will even execute the mod for you without even requiring proof of license,read here: https://www.gigaparts.com/gigaparts-mars-cap-mod.html (i like the bill $$ by the way !)
    I’ve heard some retailers will do it for free, now that is the outrage !

    I cannot believe that in our technologically advanced times there couldn’t be a way for manufacturers to block access by any means to some segments of the radio spectrum ? I say they are all aware of this situation and prefer status quo because somwhere down the line,this equals more sales $$ for them.

    This being said, i am not condoning nor am i approving this illegal out of band traffic with modded ham radio material…. it’s just that some people see oportunity and take advantage of a situation without anyone out there to stop them ! Thats’s it ! it’s as simple as that !
    So in these conditions why would they be tempted to pass the ham license ?

    3’s and 8’s good buddy !


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