Yaesu FT-891 Drops Price At NevadaRadio £609.95

In the times when radios are getting higher priced it’s nice to see a limited change again at NevadaRadio in Portsmouth. And with the Italian vote the euro again weaker against the dollar it would appear in some markets radios will again see a rise in the prices (yet again) 


The NEW FT-891 offers up to 100 watts of HF/6m output power with efficient dual internal fans, coupled with Yaesu’s legendary receiver design,triple conversation with a 1st IF frequency of 69.450MHz for really outstanding performance.
3KHz roofing filter equipped as standard
Detachable front panel for convenient mounting and operation

Large dot matrix LCD display with quick spectrum scope

Specifically designed external antenna tuner FC-50 (optional)

Ease of operation

Large diameter main tuning dial with torque adjustment

Pop-up menu for quick and easy operation

Multi-Function knob

Large transmit/receive indicator

3 x programmable front panel function keys

Up to 100 watts output power

The FT-891 provides a stable 100 W (25 W AM) high power output. High reliability is assured by the transmitter careful circuit design with efficient thermostatically-controlled dual internal fans and the diecast chassis.
FT-891 Real IF DSP provides effective and optimized QRM rejection
The 32 but high speed floating point DSP (max 3000 MIPS) provides effective cancellation/reduction (DNR) of the random noise that is frequently frustrating in the HF frequencies. Also the AUTO NOTHC (DNF) automatically eliminates the dominant beat tone. The CONTOUR and the APF are very effective receiver noise reduction tools in the HF bands operations. The YAESU original DSP QRM and noise reduction functions are provided.
Frequency Range: Tx: 1.8 – 54 MHz (Amateur Bands) Rx: 30 KHz – 56 MHz
Channel Step: 2/5/10 Hz (SSB, CW), 10/100 Hz (AM,FM)

Frequency Stability: +/- 0.5 ppm 14 °F to + 122 °F (-10 °C to +50 °C)

Modes of Emission: A1A (CW), A3E (AM), J3E (LSB, USB), F3E (FM)

Impedance: 50 Ohms, unbalanced

Supply Voltage: 13.8VDC +/- 15%, negative ground

Current Consumption: Rx: 2.0 A (Signal Present) Tx: 23 A

Operating Tempature Range: 14 °F to ° +122 °F (-10 °C to +50 °C)

Case Size (WxHxD): 6.1 x 2.0 x 8.6 (155 x 52 x 218 mm) w/o Knobs

Weight (Approx.): 4.18 lb (1.9 kg)

Output Power: 100W SSB/CW/FM (AM: 25W)

Circuit Type: SSB/CW/AM: Triple-conversion Super-heterodyne FM: Double Conversion Super-heterodyne

Intermediate Frequencies: 1st: 69.450 MHz / 2nd: 450 KHz

Maximum AF Output: 2.5 W 4 ohmz with 10% THD

Audio output Impedance: 4 to 16 Ohms (8 Ohms nominal)

Sensitivity: SSB/CW 0.158uV (1.8 /30 MHz), 0.125uV (50 /54 MHz)

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  1. Many see this radio as a re-looked and more expensive FT-857d without VHF-UHF .
    Nice radio but… bad move Yaesu…why not all band / all mode ?


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