World First Look “President McKinley USA” *Updated Extra Video*

Thank you unreservedly to President Electronics in France who’ve kindly loaned me a unit ahead of its release in the USA to see how it looks in reality. We’ve all followed the radio from its first look at the Mid America Truck Show (MATS) and is the wait worth it or not?

What comes to mind first it’s so small. Depth is the same size as a Samsung J3 and just a bit bigger than an iPhone 5s. So there is no troubles with installing this in a new car or small space. It’s FCC fully legal so 40 channels 4w AM and 12w SSB. That’s it! No extra channels inside just the legal 40 channels. The sound is excellent, both receive on AM and SSB is top class. A million thank you’s for the help in the video I received for a QSO in AM and SSB in these not so much skip times

Look at this Sadelta mike compared to the radio! Now you know the size. I tried the Sadelta mike and the audio was fantastic but when I emailed President they asked me was I insane and to use the standard microphone. I did and the audio was much stronger, sharper and better toned than the Sadelta. This was the supplied electret mike. It sounded strong, sharp and defined.

The radio comes with talk back, variable power from low to the 4 and 12w legal limit. Add to this also RF Gain, Mike Gain is variable too and tone is adjustable from -5 to +5. Finally!! Great option, and maybe soon will be a CB with a graphic EQ that’s the next step. As you see the radio has Green, Blue and Orange Display. ASC works perfectly and with Murata inside it makes AM a pleasure to us. The mor rounded characters on the display are easy to see and look great. Something like the PC-787 but more easy on the eyes

The build is better than in my mind the Grant II and behaves more like a President. People who know President through the years will understand me when I say this radio does embody the “Engineered to be the very best” it’s controls are firmer, menu are easy to use and understand, it’s really a good radio. If your an AM lover in Europe then you’ll love this radio. It’s got the modes you will need. For the EU obviously you need FM too. But will this become a McKinley EU I don’t know! If it does then it needs a few things different but the way it behaves is excellent. Yes the radio is ROhS but not CE approved remember this! This is for the USA market solely. Radio is of course liberty compatible so I’ll try that tomorrow and hope we get some conditions. Talkback works well, on the back is VOX mike, speaker, PA socket

The radio will ship I believe at the end of the week in the USA as the radios are now in the USA just need paperwork etc done. And that’s why I was loaned one from EU as I’d need to pay import duties and taxes to show you it.

Listen to how it sounds on AM with standard microphone, need turn mike Gain down on SSB as sounds like mike too close. Was talking about George I think 109AT1?? who was a diplomat and in early 90’s was retired. He spoke 8/10 languages and was a real true gentleman

Take a look at the video and more information will come shortly, I hope tomorrow. Thank you from me goes to President France for letting me have one to see. It’s something different in the way it works, I can’t tell you how or why but it behaves like th old school stuff and not the new designed, front speaker radio it is. Memories, weather channels, variable power, Roger bleep, key bleep, VOX enabled, 3 screen colours, ASC, fine and course in a radio that is truly deceptively small.

It’s expensive that is in no doubt. But today I tried it against some other radios with AM and this radio has the strongest sound that I could hear. Just now I wait to see many others thoughts and on air tests. These are easier sat inside the USA compared to winter in Europe when the band is quieter than ever before.

This radio was sent from EU to look at, it’s not been or come from the USA and will return back to France..

Additional photos and other news will come soon…

Will an EU McKinley come. The answer is only a few know oui or non

Now the selling bit. You can pre order the radio now and delivery starts real soon but check with Kip at President USA about the deals and how the rebate works. The direct link is here as follows:

It comes with a warranty card, fixtures and fittings, instruction manual, power cable and electret microphone

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11 thoughts on “World First Look “President McKinley USA” *Updated Extra Video*

  1. Look’s a winner Simon,very rugged looking, Ive been saying this for ages you pay good money you get good kit.
    President seemed to have grab the bull by the horns on this unit and can see it oozes quality just like commercial vhf radio kit,about time.

    As for NFM for a EU model,well that tends to get let down a bit,but it can be done right and sound punchy with right circuits in place rather than dull and lack luster we have seen on the market.
    Im sure if President can get the Am and SSB punchy,I cant see why not on NFM for an EU model be released onto the market.

    I would assume being a narrow banded 40channel radio the front-end RX should be a lot better performance,time will tell.
    I would love to see a Multiband version for UK\EU\High Power Export markets due to the size.
    Maybe President could offer a remote head conversion kit at some point in the future to help ease installations and would be a nice touch.

    CB radio deserve professional performance kit and hopefully generate more people to look at CB radio in a better way to communicate.


  2. and the video of the great contact you were having and you say you have moved,i hope its to a better location. And then you went to Am and you were stronger and louder not bad for 4w to great videos and I think it will be on the shopping list just for the great Am and lets hope we get some great propagation, I find radios that have fm and Am the fm is all ways stronger then Am but radios with just Am and ssb are far better as soon as this gets for sale in Eu I will try and get one


  3. yes sounds great and with a very good Am sig roll on the propagation and does it really have to go back so soon and as I all ways like Am you could live with out fm as more dx on Am and ssb good test great video and it looks good to like its like the older radios thank you Simon take care but to go away so soon hmmm


  4. Very nice radio with good audio, interested me.If it is available in EU,
    I’ll buy it myself.
    Thanks Simon for the video.


    • It is nice Stephen, it’s expensive so the rebate helps in the USA. But compared to some others it really is in a class of its own. Video don’t lie about how it sounds, and hope to get the video from the other side of the QSO so others can hear it too


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