Introducing the CRT-2000 Multi EU Norm CB Radio

Sometimes life gets in the way of hobby so apologies for the late video but better late than never! Here we will have a look at the recently released radio and the reason why currently it’s the best version so far. Yes it looks the same as some of the other ones but looks can be deceiving and below we will explain some interesting things should you be looking to buy one this Christmas time.

First off with this radio buy the software. It’s the full version so allows PC programming in CB, 10m and rU or export mode. The Team version, Expert1 does not have the menu for 3 versions and when you export mode it that’s that! You loose PC programming and everything lost. CRT on the other hand played smart and left all the goodies on the table. We are all adults here and want everything and not just part of it. 

As you see from the video the radio is small, has a detachable microphone and various CB dealers sell adapters to run different microphones. It’s full EU norm so works on all bands such as DE, UK, PL & EU plus others. You’ve CTCSS and DCS so for working gateways or having a private chat it’s working fine with the codes.

The FP1 to FP6 are all programmable so for example in export or Ham mode you’ll need band and 5khz easy to use while in CB mode they are disabled. Same as repeater shift! Doesn’t work in CB mode but in Ham and export it’s there. This radio is dual voltage so in CB mode it offers 4 watts legal power while in Ham / export mode you’ve got 4/8w AM and 4/8/15w FM which is ample and still allows you to run a linear should you require it.

This video is a guideline and future videos will show it in action. But remember if you want everything. Meaning the radio in CB mode, amateur mode and export mode then this is for you. Plus PC programming is working all bands and all features and not in CB band and disabled in export mode (like Team)

The fact of CB radio is this! If you just buy and sell that’s business but no passion involved just counting profit or loss. CB is a passion, a desire, a living and breathing hobby so needs a passion to get what people want and not just something that looks good on a balance sheet. There are only a few companies which really have CB men involved. And those are the ones who will always prosper.

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