Crazy Christmas Offer!! Stabo XM4060e €98.90 Neuner Funk

It’s Christmas time and Markus always pulls a rabbit or a hog from a hat and he has done it again for the German CB guys. This Stabo is crazy priced at €98.90 and it’s all Uniden inside so AM is kick ass, it’s 120 channels export and based on the Uniden 680 radio in USA

It’s working on the cordless Liberty mike so safe to use in the car and comes with the click clack channel change so not flimsy, it’s firm, strong and fine to take years of use for sure. Roger Bleep, ANL filter, hi cut and all the goodies.

It’s for someone a great stocking filler or a radio. Congratulations to Markus for sharing some festive spirit with his customers


I’m looking for an IC-7300 so if anyone wants to make a really good Christmas gift to the customers then please let me know 🙂

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