President McKinley USA: When 6 Don’t Become 4 I’ve A Solution!

Thanks to the guys whose contacted me via the contact form about whether the McKinley USA is shipped with the same mike adapter (Uniden Mike Adapter) as the Bearcat 980. The answer is NO it doesn’t. I’ve asked around and it will not be included any time soon. I know truckstops feature 4 pin microphones as so many of you have told me. Astatic, Cobra, Workmen, Superstar and others. What can I say? I think President maybe missed the boat, but i have a solution of course.

So, Walcott is one dealer selling the adapter! Get the adapter and $30 spending money straight from President to put towards another microphone which you want.

Sky Tronics: Mike Adapter $15.99

Walcott Radio: Mike Adapter $19.95 

But you get $50 rebate on the radio so an option. Just send a barn find $1 radio that even the American Pickers would reject to President $50 back all resolved. They’ll pay you to get an adapter.

But I’m straight with you. The microphone that comes with the McKinley USA works very well indeed and is worth a try. It’s one of the first radios SSB I used on standard microphone as I usually run a Teardrop or Sadelta. The enclosed microphone was working very well indeed.

Dealers: We’ve added a new section: Contact me and we will add you here so people know where to come..

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