Anytone Apollo II €89 Inc VAT @Radiosalg

My sincere thanks to Stig whose emailed me that the Apollo II is for sale in Norway for 800KR which equates to around €89. But if your outside Norway then the cost to buy it for export is less at around €67 plus shipping, more information is below with the link of course

So it’s interesting stuff indeed as the cost of the Apollo II has been quite volatile across some market areas.


Use the contact if need export details from the dealers website 

Congratulations to Radiosalg for the great price on the Apollo II. Let’s now wait and see what happens going onwards with this radio

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2 thoughts on “Anytone Apollo II €89 Inc VAT @Radiosalg

  1. Curious how to convert it to 11 meters US, they are stryker sr94hpc’s, the board says “Apollo II PCB1. YES i know its illegal to do it, but not to know how to do it. Lol thx


    • They are not Stryker’s. Stryker has more finals inside to generate more power than the Apollo II. Plus banding is different. Modify them is dead simple!

      Ham: 28000-29700
      CB: 26965-27405
      Exp: 25615-30105

      Ham: 28000-29700
      CB: All multi Norm EU settings
      Exp: 25615-30105

      Stryker has 40w+ the Anytone 4/8/15 so not the same…


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