MuRata Filters At Konektor5000

During 2016 we featured some President radios which came without Murata filters with them fitted. Engineers at Konektor5000 and others fitting them. So as a few have asked me below are the filters and a link where you can purchase the 3khz or 2khz Murata filters from Konektor5000

Above is the 3Khz filter and it’s link: And below is the specification sheet

Below we’ve 2khz filter photo and specification sheet. Direct Link:

You can email Przemek in English and sure he’ll help you with which filter you need

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3 thoughts on “MuRata Filters At Konektor5000

  1. On a technical note Simon,the NFM boys may find 3khz Bandwidth may be a bit too tight generally 6 khz max or 9 khz std bandwidth is the preferred spec standard for narrow fm.
    It will make the the recovered NFM audio a bit ragged edges due to filter too tight ie 3 khz B\W, AM you will prob get away with it.
    455khz filters are generally common to both Am and NFM in the circuitry of a cb radio.

    But switching to Murata generally are better filters from quality stand point,even if you swap out with originals in radio and replace with original bandwidth filter,no issues.
    I have done this and it works very well.

    Just thought id point that out to OPS contemplating doing mods and the pit falls.


    Rob 73’s


    • Always a superb reply Rob. Reason I posted this was some asked where to buy them and which person could send them across EU. With posting this it’ll appear on search engines. Saves me time down the line replying with mails


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