Magnum1 & Stryker SR-955HPc

I received a few emails about a comment on a video featured below that the Magnum1 shared the same manufacturing facility as the Stryker SR-955HPc and was asked to confirm this. If you watch the video you will see on the board M-8800 V09 which indicates the radio is based on the Maxlog M-8800 with lots of changes by Magnum. The Magnum is far superior in every single way to a standard M-8800. I say this as have used 6, and Eric at Palomar has an absolutely superior product. So the Magnum is manufactured by Maxlog where the Stryker SR-955HPc is manufactured by Qixiang, or QX Telecom. So not the same radio, not the same maker, different facility etc. I just wanted to clear that up to stop more emails arriving here.

Different parents guys! 

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