President Andy ASC €122

The guys from Konektor5000 in Łodz Poland have been connecting to me via email with the initial thoughts on the Andy AM/FM and I’ll pass those on to you here and actually I’m in agreement (will surprise) in what they’ve told me. Below again is the customary link to the radio and remember prices can raise or fall due to exchange rates and in some markets these are more volatile than others. Cost today is around £105 but rates differ as do taxes

And the initial findings from the KONEKTOR guys are as follows:

I am already testing it with our GainMaster 5/8.

– First impressions (working in AM):
– good ASC
– display angles are better comparing to Harry III/Johnny III etc.
– superb microphone cable – flexible like Densei EC-2002.
We will try to tune it in next month 🙂
That’s not my words. I just copy/pasted them

Link to the radio: You need to email about international shipping costs etc.

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