Midland MXT-105 GMRS $99.99

Now if the EU release GB-1 from Midland could have the external antenna socket and not just fitted (its regulation) then UHF CB could have been kick started. Add to this 5 watts and CTCSS. But it’s not legal! In the USA where this radio is designed for they are more enlightened and with its super small frame and chassis it looks interesting, even when it looks almost identical to the EU GB-1

Looks good to me really. $99.99 so in scheme of things a fair price too. But sure you need to add antenna to the retail price and magnetic base.

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One thought on “Midland MXT-105 GMRS $99.99

  1. As usual,GB missed the boat again,too much red tape and regulations in the industry and government to release something decent for civilian population for non commercial uses into the UK radio and European markets based on a decent RF power level that’s useful range wise (more than a mile or so in urban) and the use of an external antenna socket.
    We should be leading but as normal USA gets a high power public access high power two way radio without all the hassles involved for general (not ham) radio use.
    I think its time to turn the tide,we need commercial Industry support and customers to help make this happen and get a better deal on the radio spectrum and its restrictive specifications that hold us back.

    A true High power VHF or UHF civilian radio system,with access to VOIP to phone Gateways,Repeaters.,voice analogue or digital formats.
    A general two way radio communications is the way forward with a decent consistent range and it would certainly help generate new radio markets and products and jobs.
    Sorry for the rant Si,but sometimes I think UK and EU get\have had the short straw far too long and miss the opportunity of what we could have,a better system when I see this type of kit available for another country.
    On a positive note it looks a nice package,can see these becoming popular in USA for mobile to mobile or base comms.especially as you have a very decent RF output power to work with!

    Nice find Simon


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