Anytone AT-779 (400-480Mhz)

We mentioned this radio way way back last year. It’s not really known if it’ll come to market at the moment but seems the baby steps about a new radio are slowly taking place. Below is what I’d guess you’d say is a mock up of the radio. Could be an interesting radio but would need really someone like CRT France to deliver it as they’ve the knowledge and leave radios as they were intended if you understand me.

Frequency: 400-480MHz


15Watt Transimission power

128 channels

PC Programmable

3-colors backlight

Backlit display

Channel Scan

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One thought on “Anytone AT-779 (400-480Mhz)

  1. I like that one Simon,Im sure it could be done in most frequency bands due to SMD technology and fast micros.
    Now a medium powered dual bander that size would be nice as well.
    Think the microphone would have to be swapped to a DTMF style for repeater control,auto patching etc.
    Another feature like to see more of is 5 tone signalling for paging for closed groups and individual calling,quite handy.
    Like to see some kind of interface connector on these chinese radios so can bring out squelch level H\L,mic audio in,fixed audio out,ptt,certainly provide a bit more interfacing capability even if it was coming out on a rear fly lead and mini DIN connector.
    Im sure CRT France could get the ball rolling on these no problems,depends on market research and demand.


    Rob 73’s


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