President Lowered The Prices

After the end of the rebate scheme in the USA it seems that prices indeed remain dropped. Via other medias it shows the Johnson II USA (DIN sized) now has a lower end user price of $149 while the Johnny III USA drops to $119. But what is the most interesting is that some someone from President USA is hinting that the McKinley USA could drop to $199* while the newly released President Lincoln II + comes in at $249.99. But what’s interesting is that the McKinley USA is actually the best SSB radio that Uniden have made for President in a good few years. Whether more investment cost wise, whether better understanding of a simpler radio** by Uniden or simply all the stars aligned in the right place at the right time. Audio, how it works, clarity of transmission. McKinley USA has it! 

** 40. Channels, nothing hidden, just a plug n play CB radio. That’s why words simpler used.

* Read in social media exchange online but nowhere printed yet that I’ve found

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