Sigma V902 Mobile CB Antenna

Email came from Germany with a new antenna that’s on sale. With the email came a photo which has been taken from a Polish website of this new antenna. For me it appears to be very similar to the Team Tornado, PNI Extra 45 and around a dozen other antennas that look like but don’t function like the President Virginia. Cost of new antenna of the Sigma variety is €29.00

Only the President original has there technology for the gripping onto the car remember.

Elektrische Länge:

1/2 + 1/4 Lambda
50 Ohm
26 – 28 MHz
1,1/1 (voreingestellt)
+ 3 dBi
Max. Belastbarkeit:
250 W PEP
800 kHz
150 g
Mechanische L.
440 mm
Information supplied is in German and I’ve got the eBay number that was supplied: 142088899492

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  1. By the way Simon, the Sigma V902 usable frequency spectrum is from 26.5 to 27.5 MHz. So for now waiting for your tests 🙂


    • And when you get your antenna if before me as hard to source here feel free to write your experiences via contact form and I’ll publish it for you with pleasure


  2. How do you know that this Antenna don’t function like the President Virginia Simon?


    • I don’t.

      But I’ve tried PNI Extra 45, Team Tornado, Delta 44 which all look same as this and all didn’t work like Virginia. I’m waiting for this antenna now to be delivered and then we will see!


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