CRT Millenium Gets Really More Interesting

So is small little radio gets more and more interesting as the days go by. Now with the thanks to a very kind source I know much more than before and indeed it’s possible to enable H (High) power mode without needing export mode or Ham Mode. So you get 8 watts instead of the usual 4w. While I’m currently away on family related matters I can say the initial fact is that the radio does actually have it, I tested it and its onboard on my radio.

Options Are:

HA-HL 28000-29700 AM/FM 4/8 watts and 0 ending frequencies

A-L 25615-30105 AM/FM 4/8 watts and 0 ending frequencies 

Multi Norm EU 4 watts AM/FM

Multi Norm EU 4 watts / 8 watts AM/FM

Now that’s a game changer and many congratulations CRT. The “people wanted this long time”

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