Stryker SR-A10 Base Loaded 1st Look

This antenna I will add first off needs to be sold in Europe! That’s that out of the way. Yes it could be expensive but with CB Quality costs money! Now sadly during limited time conditions were poor but below I’ll tell you the things I’ve found out in first 45 minutes of taking the antenna from the box and installing it on a magnetic base. Below are all the details so far.

Radio in test: CRT-6900n

Magnetic Base: Not like storage wars a Yuuuup! Base, was a President UP magnetic base

SWR: 26.000 FM 40 watts = 1.8 27.000 FM 40 watts = 1.1 27.500 FM 40 watts = 1.3 

The antenna rose to around 1.9 on 28.025 just for information.

Initial thought on AM was that antenna had an error as the RX was so quiet. Then FM and SSB all the same quietness. But don’t be fooled it’s got good ears. On SSB signals of 0 with radio 3/4 heard and AM also low signals heard effortlessly. I swapped the whip into my Wilson 5000 and noise level rose by around 1/4 S point so just was flickering a little. But on Noise the Stryker has the edge. I’m a Wilson guy from late 80’s with KW-1000, KW-5000 but the SR-A10 edges it I must say. No I don’t have currently an SR-955Hpc so that’s why test on 6900N just in case of queries. If anything surprised me it was the quietness, very much akin to the middle loaded SR-A10 which last August got me into Nova Scotia Canada. I’m currently in OK land (Czech Republic) family matters but will try tomorrow again as some people are hopefully weather depending heading to the hills. I’m going to try see what I can hear, work on FM and SSB.

Today: AM was Polish operators, video made and will be on the blog later down the line. But quality of how it hears is great. More will come soon I hope and news of contacts or videos etc.

I’d like in this part to thank Dennis Potter, Daniel Larson (SRC) & Shawn “The Boss” for sharing information about the antenna, explaining it’s ways etc. Sometimes in CB you don’t know why but the “X ingredient” is needed and whatever that is? This has it.

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  1. I have also been asking on avialability on this antenna here in the UK .To import with shipping and customs the final Uk price i think would be well over a £100 .For me this would be by far the most costly mobile antenna i have .


    • Mine was from USA Scott. I was sceptical at first, then illness and issues robbed me two months so first tests now and boy was worth the wait. I use Wilson5000 whip as almost impossible ship from USA with whip.


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