Komunica PWR-BC-200L 5/8 PMR-446

Moving on from the antennas we featured the other day another new antenna at Konektor5000 is a 5/8 which works from 400-460Mhz so falls well within the boundary for use on the unofficial UHF CB band that sits on 446Mhz. In some cities it’s being used so no need to hide it. Below we’ve aphoto of the antenna and the information which can be translated of course.

6.5dBi and power handling of 200 watts. Sturdy but not too heavy. Below is the link

Link: http://tinyurl.com/n8aw5fz

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  1. I have the same antenna in use on PRS band (477 Mhz). I bought this antenna at JBE in The Netherlands as a diamond BC-200 (430-490 Mhz). This antenna can be tuned to the desired frequency by cutting the internal wire. A cutting chart is provided. By default the antenna works for 430 Mhz. Good quality. Cheers. Ronald


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