How To Use Contact Form

These past weeks it’s been a hit and miss whether this feature stays or would go. It’s a feature that was originally to help out but recently it backfires as people ask for stuff that a search of the blog can find, google search can find. So going onwards please check the search before dropping me a line. This helps my 150+ emails a week every week and in times I’m not available (this will be a lot from this week) then you’ve got your answer quickly. And that’s the key, speed of reply.

Email A: Looking export mod of CRT Miolnennium and you don’t have it!

Check the spelling from your box, the modification is here

Email B: I’ve a Lincoln II + and the factory didn’t fit the wire so it’s broken as just 10m, no muppets

Answer is on the blog, answer is everywhere online.

Please try the search, or just look at the modification page and when open press Control F (CNTRL F) on windows and a box opens on the screen and type for example Intek and all mods with Intek in title will be displayed.

Sure if it’s not online mail me and I’ll try and help. But it’ll take a little longer the next weeks due a health matter in the family so be patient. Most articles are written in advance so will still appear even when I don’t.

Mods are added when I’ve found them on external drives

Radios added when they come along

News is added when those kind enough to send it, send it.

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