***Exclusive*** QX AT-778 U/V (Dual Band Amateur Radio)

First of all my sincere thanks to Qixiang for allowing me one of the samples of this new radio to have a look at and share with you a video or two on how it is looking, what it does and how it behaves on air. This is a preview small look as the unit landed here only a few minutes ago after being kidnapped by DHL for all the needed duties and taxes of course.

The radio will come with initial banding of 136-174 and 430-440Mhz.

If you press the round button on the front of the radio it changes the frequency. And by pressing you can for example go 1 4 5. 5 0 0 the last 0 turns blue and so you can change it, press the control in again and the second 0 goes blue and can be adjusted. The same also goes for the 5 5 4 and 1 being the next number on the display going from the right to the left on he display.

Illuminated microphone with 1-0 on the buttons, VFO A/B and also lights up to show which VFO your using at the time. It seems well thought out that is sure. And for example if you are monitoring Band A and someone speaks on Band B on the microphone the band B light comes on to show the band your receiving on,

200 channels, 2.5KHz、5KHz、6.25KHz、10KHz、12.5KHz、20KHz、25KHz、30KHz, 50Khz, 

Power Levels = 25W / 15W / 5W
CTC/DCS/DTMF/2TONE/5TONE, wireless mike, scrambler(optional), app control( optional for future )

In the background the noises are Viber messages. Not camera related issues
But who’ll take this little beauty in Europe? CRT would be natural but seems they’ve looked away now with Nanfone behind the new radio. Team Electronics? I think not? So whose going to give QX a call and order this for Europe. Million Euro Question, at the moment unanswered.

More here soon on this new radio to the scene. (This is a prototype, things can change, features can be updated and other ideas added, taken away in its development to production)

I will be slower with the videos the next days as mentioned before so please be patient as someone will come online towards the end of the week I guess.

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6 thoughts on “***Exclusive*** QX AT-778 U/V (Dual Band Amateur Radio)

  1. As a Ham Radio for 2/70 ist has a chance on the market while the 11/10 Meter band version is far away to become a classic. CBler want knobs and buttons!
    HAMs want that features. But only 200 presets for all the repeater channels with offsets and subtones are too less.
    Hope they will increase the memories in the final version! A 16-key remote-mic is obligation!


  2. Very good intro video Simon, thanks for sharin.. It will be interesting to see the price point with QYT offerings around the £70-80 mark


    • Thank you David your always kind to write. My guess is a little higher as screen cost is not too cheap. Plus to set up a line for new model never cheap. Another article comes end of week and as soon as I know any proposed cost I will tell you of course.


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