Stryker SR-94 HPc “Stuff”

Get asked a huge amount about this radio. I’ll answer below what I know, plus I’ll add the link to the software. Please remember my words here below that YES I speak with the factory regular but never once are makers discussed that have contracts with the factory! I speak specifically about Anytone branded equipment. The exception was the Stryker to Japan. Otherwise it’s just Anytone so my answers are based on Anytone discussions.

Bluetooth: At the moment not in production. Estimated timeline 6-12 months

Mobile Telephone Application: Not in production so far.

Microphone Adapters RJ-45 / 4 Pin: There are some heading to USA but not from the factory. If you need quickly you can get them at Knights in UK (available on eBay) Kamsat in UK available on eBay too and Konektor5000 available online at there shop.

Software For PC Programming:

The above is based on Apollo II for Bluetooth / Phone App and indeed maybe not include Stryker please remember this. I speak about Anytone (uhf / vhf Apollo II cased radio now) not anything covered by customer confidentiality.

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