Stryker SR-955 HPc 2016 “Part II”

Part II of the look at the Stryker SR-955 HPc. This unit was manufactured in 2016 and is from the latest production. There is a new production underway in May as I understand but this is the newest till then. Radio came standard from the USA via DHL and with modification straight from the box power was 2-50w FM with 15w carrier swinging almost 70w AM and the SSB solid at almost 70 watts. And remember this Is pre-tune up so when you order one make the most of the tune up and modification service to get the radio rocking and rolling on the air.

Above you see the board with all its shielding. Export is the the small arrow but it’s better dealer modified. Half way back on right you see a connector this is for the CTCSS board. They don’t come standard with them, but since this photo I’ve added CTCSS board to mine so it’s good to go option wise.

Above you have variables for power and right hand side the metal shield covering the finals. This radio is heavy! I mean it’s heavier than any of the Anytone / President SSB series. You’d be surprised how much of a bruiser it is when it’s in your hand.

Frequency converted and Green colour. It’s my favourite of the seven available. Channelised it’s from 25.610 upwards and VFO continuous from 24.000 upwards.

Latest board showing 2016 then 6 (June) and 5th produced (board) meaning latest revision date

The video will not be online till end of the month when I’ll be out and about at a CB event. Many in Europe asked where to buy them. Easy! USA is where to get them. Below I’ve added a trusted dealer that is factory approved and key admin members of SRC on Facebook. Yes Stryker has its own factory approved members club where all the latest news and views are aired.

Plus I now an in the understanding the 955 HPc is CE & RoHS approved and more on this when the video is released later this month.

Dealer 1: Sky-Tronics:


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5 thoughts on “Stryker SR-955 HPc 2016 “Part II”

  1. Looking forward to it. Its got to be worth having one so I shall watch this space. I am already in touch with Daniel so let’s see where this goes.


  2. Simon, so will this be available in UK? Will any dealers touch this or do we have to do a risky a USA purchase with risky Import tax?


    • Yes Simon, I appreciate the sentiments around Sky-Tronics and the taxes etc and I am not suggesting anything personal re Daniel. I am just concerned about the fact that if I buy one and it is either faulty or incorrectly working, it simply throws up concerns of returning goods to the US, at whose expense and rights as a consumer.
      I am also aware that the Stryker SR-955 was discontinued by a reputable dealer here and this was as a result of poor frequency probs along with many quality issues etc etc.
      What has been done re these probs? Many of us want them but not if they are like they were. Can you look into this further for us?


    • Frequency Problems? Not heard of it
      Warranty is Factory not USA (send $5 repair) all ok
      Radio changed 100% since my first in 2013
      No audio issues any mode, rock solid.
      You’ll see later in month on video it’s A1 Audio….


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