President Andy AM/FM €92 / £78

Bloody Hell! Just saw the new online price of the Andy AM/FM and have to say that’s a difference from sometime ago. And the price is quoted as “end user price” so guess in the future the price will fall across the market areas.  For this price then it’s a good deal with its high power mode, 160 unlocked mode and killer audio on both AM and FM. If you’ve not tried either an Andy or Barry then your missing something, it’s really quite a good radio. I’ve tried to find a Barry AM/FM to have a look at, but actually not possible via anyone in Russia. Nobody wants to share.

Export Mode you need your dealer to resolve it as a little hard. I can’t help as don’t have it. Mine came in unlocked format so never found it out. Plus also I’ve bought a Konektor tuned Andy and that is a beast that’s all can say..

World of CB, never lets you down…. Now I keep checking other outlets to see what I can see

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