*New Radio Alert* President Ronald 10/12 (Name TBC)

After the news over the weekend of the President Andy USA comes the news of a 12/10m radio from President with AM/FM but what is interesting is the power between 40-50 watts and in a small design so I am lead to believe. I believe the name will be President Ronald 12/10 or similar to this and it will come to the USA marketplace and also to the EU if the information is correct.


Small Sized possibly DIN

Price Unknown

Band 12/10 (24.880-24.980 & 28.000-29.700)

Modes AM/FM (No SSB so no need to write and explain how it needs it)

Power (rumoured variable to 30-50 watts PEP)

Selectable TOT (Time Out Timer)

Variable Mike Gain

Variable RF Gain


It will have a new feature ELEC or dYNA for electret and dynamic microphone settings.

I can’t offer much more information as it isn’t out there! I believe it will have Echo, channel and frequency display, Roger Bleep, talkback, scan, DW (Dual Watch)  and maybe A-J.

I believe it will feature the _ _ _ _ _ _ under the frequency display  which would allow steps to program 28.505 , 506, 507 so useable like VFO mode.

Release date September 2017

Above Photo Previous President Ronald

New Ronald No Photos so far 

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  1. Yea will do …. iv’e made a note of the freq’s so will make more of an effort on AM.
    I am currently trying to work something with Daniel re the Strker and if at all possible we will make it happen. I have heard the receive on the Stryker and it sounds amazing! Loving the layout of them too.
    Getting some great skip here at the mo and that’s just on my tank whip whilst square wheeled! Portugal, Italy, France and Spain all booming over last night.


  2. I suppose it boils down to an individuals product knowledge, something that is obviously lacking judging by my standards.
    Mind you,132 emails – wow that is what I call a keen interest (irrespective if they are welcome or not.)
    What seems a real shame is that for years many campaigned in the UK for access to AM, and now we have got it – no one seems to want to use it. Don’t get that.
    Have to say I do like my classics – think this is why I initially loved the Jackson. The Lincoln to me though is the perfect model. It has everything one could ask for in a radio and it performs amazing.

    However, I am still looking at buying a Stryker from Daniel but this does seem a long way off given that his global venture is not off the ground yet.

    Kindest regards


    • You hit nail on head. So many wanted AM but most wanted it years ago, on there terms. Now it’s legal it’s just they maybe want use old gear and not invest in new stuff. But a legal CB with AM/FM for £49 attracts more sales than something for £300 sadly.
      You got top shelf gear so listen 26965-27405 and you’ll hear AM in use for sure. Now summer conditions it’ll happen.

      Daniel, not sure how it stands. Trouble is there is shipping, import duties, taxes so cost is bad 🙁


  3. Oh …. i’m so sorry to have expressed an opinion. I also find it offensive to be labelled as “dumb ass” especially as I am just starting back out after 28 years away. I am a UK40 and SSB user (seeing that AM is basically dead here) and I also can’t help the fact that the UK is where I live, work and where my family are.
    I was merely concerned that following the loss of the Jackson, changes in the Grant and LIncoln that something to tempt the worlds wallets might soon be on the cards. This is what people are asking on many of the forums that I belong to. The tone of your reply was not warranted Simon, especially as I frequently support time after time ……


    • 132 emails I’ve received if you remember well? CB is different everywhere. The facts are this
      A: Why does a 10m radio need UK40?
      B: Many radios are sold without SSB
      C: Grant II & Lincoln II + Still Exist

      I told you in very many emails FM/AM sell more than SSB. SSB is just added cream on top of coffee. Just because “you don’t like a radio without SSB” many do and will.. The UK isn’t the whole of Europe, what you won’t buy others will buy… I guess the simple answer is “They think it’ll sell as they are making it” And that’s why SR-955 HOc you complained via email it would sell better with UK40. Its designed for USA so not needed either.


    • 10m radio is an Export radio hidden as a single band ham radio


      Alinco DR-135UK, CRE-8900, Superstar9900, Anytone 5555, Anytone 6666, Stryker SR-655/955HPc, President Lincoln II +, Ranger RCI-2950

      All can be programmed with UK 40 channels but are not as standard as they are export radios.

      Need UK40 with SSB without programming and legal radio

      President Grant II Premium
      Albrecht AE-2990AFS
      Albrecht AE-5800EU
      Superstar 3900 (Needs UK40 board added)
      President Jackson II

      Look at the legal AM/FM radios in comparison to legal SSB radios. Again it’s AM/FM that sells best and not what people on forums think. I asked in 7 factories and all replied the same.
      It’s reality sadly. I can’t explain it for the 800th time.
      If you recall many on forums also use old kit and not the newest.


    • Im sick to my teeth with dumb ass comments. AM/FM sells loads more than SSB. UK is not the world! Do not
      like do not buy as many others will buy it. SSB is limited market, AM/FM out sells it multiple times
      Oh and it does not have the muppets! Reason it is 10m radio not a “muppet” radio


  4. If it doesn’t have SSB, why does the modulation type control have LSB/USB on it. Let me see, that’s because it is an SS3900HPEF. I have checked the date, it is not April 1st, maybe Continental Europe has it on a different day.


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