President Ronald* Update

Really! 67 emails yesterday and 12 already today Thursday via contact form asking me cost and where to buy the radio. Sorry guys the radio isn’t available currently and as it said comes earliest around summertime plus remember President is closed for August so will maybe need time to arrive with the dealers. Below I’ll try add a little bit more to yesterday’s news but it is not a lot.

Have I Used One: No I’ve not used one, it’s not made

Name: I’ve read on Facebook it’s called President Ronald and not Ronald 12/10 as I stated*

Four or Six Pin Mike: I believe it’s six Pin but not released so it could change

Have I seen One: No I’ve not seen a real life version it’s not manufactured

The Look: It doesn’t look like CRE-8900 or CRT-9900 that’s 100% sure

Anymore Specifications?: Currently not much as I said this is an advance sneaky look through a window post but what was wrote yesterday seems apparently correct.

Size:  I believe maybe it’s small like CRT-2000 or Andy / Barry / Stryker SR-94 (This sort of size area) I guess would have heatsink as 12/10m radio but I truly don’t know.

Cost: No ideas

Channel Or Frequency: It could be both, just not confirmed

No SSB: True, but if need SSB you’ve got Grant II Premium, Lincoln II + and remaining Jackson II and in USA you’ve got Lincoln II + and McKinley USA

That’s the best I’ve got! It’s not much but when and if I’m told more or even if a picture were to land be sure I’ll add it as quickly as I can.

Not helpful sorry but that’s all I’ve got, pockets are empty now.

Follow President USA on Facebook for a photo maybe comes later this month.

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