Albrecht AE-6110 CB Repeater

Thank you to Thorston whose kindly send me photos to the DO6RBA made CB repeater made up of two AE-6110 radios. Brilliant idea indeed and I’ll look into these more as why not gave a repeater in Budapest linked to the internet. Did it years back with PMR and eqso so CB seems the natural step ahead ahead for our great hobby.

Photos: DO6RBA

Price and availability I don’t know at all. But as an idea I like it a lot, great idea indeed.

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  1. I don’t think there would be any filters large enough for the 11m wavelength. Anyway the losses would be so huge I think.
    The only way around this is to space the two antenna locations about 1km apart! Maybe cross link the audio via internet or another higher frequency.


  2. How could this be working correctly without proper cavities (filters) ??. They would need to be custom made as they do not exist commercially for the cb band.


  3. Very interesting use of a couple of these radios… but the AE-6110 itself will not do Repeater Offsets or “Split” TX/RX freqs, so I wonder how that works… There are no a lot of 11 meter radios that will do Split frequencies…

    I’d love to set one up local…


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