More Ronald News..

The emails keep coming with questions about the President Ronald. I can tell you having asked no information is forthcoming from President. Remember the radio isn’t currently produced is my understanding so we need to wait a while for more news. I was asked about the dimensions and below is what I believe currently.

My guess is that  the radio will feature channel and frequency in the same way as the Lincoln II+ so you’ll be able to adjust it. Menu control, what I don’t see is CTCSS / DCS which I find strange. But of course latterly can change.

Height: 45mm

Width: 125mm

Depth: Not Known (comes with heatsink attached)

So you can see the display is similar to the President Lincoln II+ which I’ve shown below

We need to wait further into summer now I guess for more information.

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One thought on “More Ronald News..

  1. I hope President will change the fm TX audio circuits from soft agc limited level on deviations and go back to back to back diode audio hard clipping,FM will have so much better punch.
    Just review the old schematics Jacksons and George still viable option with SMT parts.
    Also I would assume from Marketing in USA,I just hope it has switchable Wide\Narrow FM capability for USA 10m market Wide Fm 5.0khz and EU\Export Narrow FM 2.0khz max esp being a 10m radio,maybe a oversight or WIP thing but very valid point with different markets where World Standard are different.
    Can’t wait to see results of this radio when you get one Si!


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