#tbt Ham International Concorde 3

This weeks throwback radio is the Ham International Concorde 3. A radio that covered 26.065-28.305 and AM/FM/SSB and CW. What made this one different was the addition of extra channels to the lo lo and hi hi band where many before had been the usual 120 channels of low medium and hi band.

It was really a radio up there in price and if you had one of these then indeed you were a king of the airways. It also introduced us to 10Khz switch, negative channels, 3 step power and SWR inside.

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4 thoughts on “#tbt Ham International Concorde 3

  1. I have owned one of these since about 1987. Didn’t switch it on for 25 years. New VCO needed and now works like a charm still…. Think I paid £35 for it. Still have the box too.


  2. In my 37 years of CB radio I remember only of two being in use during the 80s in northern England, They are like hens teeth!
    all the big guns wanted them but sadly unable to source,
    Just one point on the negative channels…on all the Ham International Mk3 series these were actually back to front and a mod to correct this was needed.
    All together a fine radio with some new features not seen on others. Was always in my top 5 radios .


  3. Sadly most never saw these in 80’s -90’s
    Mk2 yes and owned,but never saw Mk3 they got round a lot of the wobbly SSB regulator problems,not sure they fixed the Fm modulation I think on these last versions?
    Due to UK heavy handed approach of cb back in the day there lots of the radios we never saw official adverts etc all under the counter then,some early UK CB mags I remember seeing pictures for EU use only 😦 ,sadly we missed the legal route back then.
    Nice to to the Export oldies from past some fantastic kit we missed out on Si
    I have some HAM 80 channels Handy Talkies here in collection,I always wonder if matching mobiles and base stations we in same product line as this radio having the extra bands?
    Brazil and South America/Middle East,Switzerland were some markets I remember rumored where this kit was destined officially destined too and some parts of EU land,unless you can enlighten me further Simon.
    Nice pics Simon.


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