Question came from Bill in Iowa where he asked about “Why do the majority of 10m stuff not have CTCSS as standard?” The answer is as easy as it’s difficult and mostly it’s a balance between do we need to add it, how much is it and why should we add it? Some of the reasons are below.

The majority of 10/12m stuff sold via President, Stryker, Anytone, Superstar, CRT, Ranger etc are mostly freeband radios locked to 10m. They’ll get unlocked, screwdriver twisted inside to the biggest power and used on CB channels. Dress it up, call it what you like it’s an expensive CB radio.

Why have expensive 10/12m radios with an echo?

Why have 10/12m with AM/FM when 12m isn’t AM/FM allocation?

Why have a Channel 9 button?

Because it’s a CB radio under the hood!!

Lincoln II +, Stryker SR-955 HPc, Stryker SR-94HPc, Anytone 5555n either have it in the case of the Lincoln II + or can have boards added to make them repeater friendly.

Wiser companies in my opinion need to get wiser and the less open need to get open. There are actual radio amateurs that genuinely buy 10m kit and never unlock it, use it in 10m as designed. If as a company you call your radio “10 metre amateur radio” then default is add CTCSS, PC Programming for offsets on repeaters.

I find myself these days wanting to bang people’s heads together. Whether resellers, factories, distributors. None of them use the equipment they sell and in some cases wouldn’t know a 10m radio if it kicked them in the ass. Anyone can say no no it’s not needed, anybody can say dealers don’t want it, and indeed anyone can say it’s price dependent. 

10/12m All Modes Default CTCSS

10/12m AM/FM Default CTCSS and drop 12m (not needed)

11/10m AM/FM Default CTCSS same as All Modes Needs CTCSS

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