President Thomas ASC Discontinued

Discontinued = Still available until all stock is sold and then not anymore in production. Actually a really good radio and made many a good contact in mine till it stopped working. It was different due to the RJ-45 socket but worked really well with crystal clear receive and excellent AM modulation. It was Uniden flair and French envisioned. Like the green display that's why the photos got it.

Not old in radio life? Was it 2010-2012 it first appeared? I can't remember really. Below is the link to export mode in case anybody needs it.

So the question again needs to be asked! What comes to replace it? 7 months into the year and nothing new, nothing interesting, in fact nothing at all..


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  1. Bit of a shame,I set up a few of these on bench was nice radio.
    Maybe QA control issues on parts or couldn’t justify modifications to correct,so dropped?

    FM wasn’t bad either after a tweak,seem President are streamlining operations on models.


    • Aha! Mine was display actually. Sat in a cupboard after long time then it was thrown out. But was excellent on AM for me and had some great contacts.


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