CRT V2 Millenium Updated

To address those who've asked me via message I'm not in a position really to say much. I ordered my radio online direct at CRT 13/7 payment PayPal and of course 14th was Bastille day and till today the radio isn't shipped. It's said since the 13th "preparation in progress" and nothing else. I did email to enquire but didn't receive any reply at all till now. Maybe they left for holidays? Maybe they didn't have the radio although it said in stock and maybe it's sat and forgot not shipped. It said 2-5 days shipping with GLS but as of now nothing.

On Monday I'll raise it with PayPal. No point having a shop and ignoring customers. So watch this space as at the moment no radio, no replies to email, no delivery time. Just "preparation in progress" In a digital age the worst crime remain silent when asked a question by a customer. But it's just I guess "another customer to annoy them"

The box will be shipped Friday or Monday. Seems communication error. Thanks to CRT for the email and I'll update you guys with how the radio works next week and hope it'll answer the questions posed by those who've looked into buying a radio.

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