NEW!!! CRT-9900 N (New)

So it's as well confirmed now. CRT will bring the updated version of the popular 9900 in the form of the 9900 N (NEW) which will feature 10/12m all modes with the ability to use PC Programming and extended features. It's my understanding that CTCSS remains, power is of the same and 24.8-30.1 can be possible but how it's Extended I'm not sure as I believe a dedicated VFO mode isn't in the radio (not confirmed)

Now the details:

Price Unknown
Radio is in the EU with sales starting this week or next
Power Unknown
Banding 24.89-24.9 & 28.0-29.7
Export Expected
CTCSS Inside

It's basically the same radio with new frequency range and new PC Software For programming.

Thanks to the two guys in France and 3 dealers for the confirmation of the rumour.

Above is old stock photo

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  1. Then why is there a dimple in the channel knob?, it suggests you can rotate the knob vfo-style with the tip of your finger….


  2. i’m wondering, does this radio really have a true vfo ?? or is it just for “looks ? kind of odd that the big manufacturers yae/ic/ken. do not have a 10/12 meter band/all mode radio and the chineese have one…


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