CRT 9900 12m “12m Activation”

First off I’m not a dealer. I’m the person whose asked stuff when President ignore you, CRT don’t reply and others ignore you like you don’t exist. So! Already a few things have arose about the new 9900 CRT. One was from a dealer that got no help from CRT! So below are the key things you need to know before you buy the radio. So if you don’t do it then don’t expect it to be as you want it to be.

Export Mode: It’s identical to old 9900 from 25.615-30.105
Ham Mode: It is identical to old 9900 from 28.000-29.700

To enable 12m mode CRT appear to have gone the cheapest route available.

You need software and cable (Software V2.02) nothing lower works than this

You’ll need to delete some frequencies after reading from the radio, so maybe delete 29.665 upwards and this can be replaced with 24.890 upwards for 40 channels or any channels under 25.615

So, VFO isn’t 24.8 upwards.
Radio is 40 channels per band starting at 25.6

No software, No cable then it’s same radio as before no possible way 25.6 or below…

So that’s that! Without the above done you’ll get nothing.

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    • It’s what I’m told now 3 people mod it and no 12m. Not seen the radio and not seen the software so hard to know completely but I know V2.02 PC Software needed Or no 12m


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