“Bomber” Mike Updates

More news has come from Thorsten about the microphones we featured earlier for the Albrecht AE-6110, CRT Millennium, CRT-7900 and others work with a Motorola microphone. Below with thanks to Thorsten he’s sent us photos of the internals of his microphone. The comments form are open to him to tell us the prices plus shipping. And when we’ve got more details I’ll put information here.

And below we’ve a video. Think it’s featured before but here it is.

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  1. A simple mod internally to radio’s RJ socket Spare Pin ,easily can be done to bring 12V out,but fuse it for safety.
    Done something similar before for a customer’s set Si.

    Normally most RJ sockets run +8V-12V supply bus depending on radio,should be quite easy to do to retro fit,any decent tech could do it.
    Moto mics much more robust and better sounding,the curly cords are industrial grade,won’t see that often on cb radios as stock item.
    IF its got an audio clipper built in, NFM will also benefit in stronger modulation as well.
    Should greatly improve CRT radios.

    I keep saying,pay for what you get,wish our mfr would look at these in similar format and build quality as stock item on modern cb radios and add commercial grade\amplified microphones as std or least option.

    Considering the amount of abuse microphones get,dropped,cords pulled,ptt switches etc going commercial grade specs and excellent sound quality improves the products and gets respect,bit like Moto products i suppose.
    CB user deserve high quality kit,there no excuses anymore in my books.

    No dont work for Moto,but had vast experiance of their products in business radio compared with other brands,so think my point is valid on product quality.

    Well done Thorsten,nice little product you have there,wonder if Moto seen it? 🙂
    look forward seeing CRT-7900 in action.

    73’s Rob


  2. Hello, there are 2 versions of the Motorola Mic, which is a V2 amplifier microphone, which is here in the photo the V3 compressor Clipper version, especially well suited for SSB the V2 costs 50 € plus shipping, the V3 65 € plus shipping, Mikes with UP / Down 10 € each more. The shipping costs depend on where to send. Microphone can be connected almost to any radio, prerequisite, it requires 12 volts of current, offer it with GDCH


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