Jerry’s Radio “Quansheng TGK2ATUV”

Thanks Jerry for using the contact form to send me details of your new radio. You’ve bought in Hong Kong you told me the Quansheng TGK2ATUV which is a real long named Walkie Talkie which locks to 144-146 and 430-440 but with key press has the usual 136-174 and 400-480 and various power levels to a maximum of 5w VHF and 4w UHF. Thank you for sharing your new radio details and wish you many good contacts.

General Specifications : 
Frequency Range Dual Band: 136-174MHz /400-480MHz(RX/TX) 136-174MHz /400-480MHz(RX/TX)
Channel 128
Channel Spacing 25 /12.5KHz
Operating Voltage 7.2V
Operating Temperature -25℃~+65℃
Frequency Stability ±2.5ppm
Receiving part
Output Power 4-5W
Modulation 16KΦF3E/11KΦF3E
Maximum Deviation ≤5.0KHz(W)
Stray Power ≤7.5μW
Modulation Distortion ≤5%
Transmitting section
Sensitivity ≤0.25/0.28μV
Adjacent Channel Selectivity 70/50dB
Intermodulation 60dB
Spurious Response Rejection 70dB
S/N 43/38dB
Rated Audio Power Output ≤0.5W
Rated Audio Distortion ≤5%
Battery Standard: 1500mAh (Li-ion)
Dimensions(H*W*D)(without antenna) 109mmX 58mmX35.5mm
Weight(with antenna and battery) 234.5g

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