Team MiCO PMR-446

First off this radio is absolutely street legal with 500mw and fixed antenna, 16 pre-programmed channels. It’s true to say the radio has within its menu POW, BAND but these of course come with a Bleep to let you know the option is out of order and offers no chance at all for use. But from the box with the attached mini UHF antenna it brings in people 6/7 km away down in the city.

The radio has the usual strong and sharp Anytone audio we expect from the Mini and AE-6110 in its CB clothes. Squelch is open at 1 line of signal and of course can select the squelch off too.

Price is high as comes with antenna, but it’s a wolf in sheeps clothing. The kick is if you buy this radio buy the software! With the software a different radio will await you. And it’s pretty good for the size.


Change the option from PMR to COM but save initial read of 446Mhz to be used when change back to legal 16 channel format.

If Freenet then change from VHF to COMIII but read initial data from the radio.


The UHF then becomes 400-470 MHz with ability to add separate RX and TX frequencies with 199 memory channels, three power levels L, M and H

Rewrite the channels into the radio and away we go! The radio I had to test was sat on my office desk, antenna on a metal writing pad and it can hear voices on 70cm at around 50km and PMR up to 4 km easily.

Initial thoughts it working well. Software not cheap, antenna I’m sure can be released but at the moment seems glued maybe to socket. Guess SO239 is on the radio so I’ll try and figure it out.


€129 Radio & Antenna
€29.99 Software & Cable

Video to follow as will be internal look around. But initial thought is the audio is just beautiful. Well driven, nice tone, not dull and Receive just superb. Videos and other stuff will follow along soon.

You can take off the fixed attached antenna but it’s risky as the glue is extremely well connected and beneath it is indeed the standard antenna socket. Radio is boarded AT-779 as we know. Also in the menu system is the item MIG which changes microphone sensitivity.

And it comes with a cigarette lighter attached…..

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