President Lincoln II + Alignment & Thoughts Video

It’s a long time since the + Plus landed on the marketplace in Europe and the USA. All in all it’s been received well according to mails and on air comments. Below is a video of a stripped down + and what the person looking at it thinks about it. Myself, I’ve two things I’d change but it’s not worth to comment here about it. Take a look at the video. And for those who think President lost the plot, given up on stuff I can tell you now absolutely factually that President in USA (Kip & Others) plus engineers in France work hard. Yes we shout, yes we have sometimes issues as users but based on factory comments and others they are as stringent and quality careful as the last 39 years. **

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** Based On Info received from factory and resellers. Not my words!!!



  1. Dag,
    Ik heb al een tweetal maanden de Lincoln 2+ in mijn bezit.
    Volgens mijn qso met div 1 en div 30 is de modulatie 100% in orde.ik zelf woon in div 16.
    Vele groeten.


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