Canva CB-583 AM/FM

So the copycat CB game has another new radio standing in line. This time it’s the 164 Žl Canva CB-583 which equates to €38 / £34 / $45 for a multi EU radio AM/FM with detachable microphone, high Power Mode and of course the export mode which is 25.6-28.3 so I’m told but this isn’t confirmed at the moment. They are even cheeky to state “CB1 Canva” and if your in Poland where this is sold the company with the Green sticker is number one.

Seems Nanfone has been busy with all the variations of this radio. Let’s hope it’s better than the previous offerings which in version 1 was woefully bad, and epitomizes junk..

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3 thoughts on “Canva CB-583 AM/FM

    • I think you will find it coming over in a few months with a different name if what I was told is correct. I’d just add maybe not for $45 but it will come. My own view is that it is better than some of the initial release radios from the same Nanfone / Xinwei maker.


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