*Exclusive* First Real Photo President Ronald 12/10M

Coming after the very successful Andy and Andy USA release in the forthcoming months will come the President Ronald 10/12m. This is a small AM/FM radio with a meter akin to the Lincoln II +. We’ve been sent very kindly some photos from Groupe President Electronics and this showcases the radios new corrugated top.

I understand the radio will be 13/15 watts AM with variable power so it should manage around 50w PeP AM and up to 50 watts noted for FM so makes it versatile for both EU and USA markets.

The radio comes with echo, variable power as I’ve already noted plus a new feature called dYna and Elec which changes the Modulation to match dynamic and Electret microphones.

The display is akin to the Lincoln II + so expect the same _ under the digits to change the frequencies. Before people ask me, the radio has no option CTCSS and below the dimensions of the Ronald 12/10m. It’s my understanding the same feature for Roger Bleep is like Lincoln II so like old school Jackson 1 can be programmed and not the Bweep of usual President Radios.

Dimensions: W 125 x D 145 x H 45 mm

Display: Orange/Blue/Green/Cyan/ Magenta/Yellow/White

Above is the artist impression from May 2017 and it looks almost identical I’d say. The key selling point is small form and high power. This radio will be available in USA I guess as the first market but expect to see it in the EU also.


I’ve no idea of the Price

Availability Unknown (Guess 2018)

No idea of any expansion

No PC Programming

Band details can be changed

As Markus Neuner always says, wait and see…

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6 thoughts on “*Exclusive* First Real Photo President Ronald 12/10M

  1. The message i got back from President .
    Hi Scott
    Thanks for your message. Currently only 6 pin version will be available for sale later this year in the Europe and the US.

    President Electronics USA


  2. Just have to wait to see when the radio is released if it’s 4 pin or 6 pin, if it’s marketed for the US I believe it will be a
    4 pin like the President Andy is, but like you stated if you like the radio you will buy it anyway.


    • Don’t agree this time. Ranger 2950CD, Stryker SR-94Hpc don’t use 4 Pin and many units sold in USA. Easy to get cross over from 6 to 4 pin adapter. Those who want the radio will buy, those who don’t won’t I guess.


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