President Lincoln II + £199.95 / €223

Thanks Scott for the news about the Lincoln II + being £70 less than the usual price at Nevada in Portsmouth. That’s a fair price I’d say for this radio. Considering it’s rivals on the market now with CRT-9900 (12/10m) appearing recently and of course imported Stryker SR-955HPc and Optima III Radios. I actually think this is a new route now adding 12 metres to what is a CB in disguise. I’m the owner of an older Lincoln II + and a newer one recently and works well.

The computer programming side is an insult, it needs to be total programming or nothing. I mean the fact it just covers basically memories when people want change TX/RX frequencies, add CTCSS plus more. Good ideas let down at last second. But an excellently working radio. Many need a PHD to use it. Recently I’ve received many emails from the USA who were shocked that the radio went Channel 19 then 19A before channel 20. They’d never heard of 19A.

If you need one while offer lasts:

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