Radioddity GD-77 Twin Pack $19.99

Wide eyed and guess wide awake Sara sent me a link for two Tier 1 & II Radios for $19.99 plus shipping that she’s ordered from eBay. I managed to track down the radios and appears sure to be $19.99 but believe Canadian. Anyway, below is the information and of course it excludes any import duties and taxes.

And for those interested the eBay number I was given is: 253184885358

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6 thoughts on “Radioddity GD-77 Twin Pack $19.99

  1. Looks like seller and auction have now been removed, however I’ve notification from ebay that my order has shipped.. I assume it won’t arrive!


  2. Ordered one, but suspect its a false seller using a hacked account.. Had a similar experience with a ridiculously cheap UV5R earlier this year.. Ebay notified me after a couple of days and issued a refund.. Fingers crossed this is a real deal!


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