When Andy Became Barry..

More news about the Andy and Barry President series of radios. More people are contacting me that the former Russian only available Barry AM/FM is now appearing across the EU. Markus from Neuner was the first to announce it, and now it has appeared on another dealers site in the Netherlands. So guess soon enough people like Truckerswereld will have stock but you’ll need to check the website of course,

Channels : 40

Modulation modes : AM/FM

Frequency ranges : from 26.965 MHz to 27.405 MHz

Antenna impedance : 50 Ohms

Power supply : 13.2 V / 26.4 V

Dimensions (in mm) : 125 (L) x 175 (H) x 45 (D)

Weight : ~ 0.9 kg

Accessories supplied : Electret microphone with support, mounting cradle, screws.

Filter : ANL (Automatic Noise Limiter) built-in

And YES, the same export facilities are available as per Barry FM and Andy AM/FM. It’s also reported from Avera and Neuner amongst others now the Andy will become discontinued. But till them the radio is current and for sale. President no information about this, so we will see.

Export Mode: http://tinyurl.com/y74l6hm2

Latest news above from one site concerning Andy AM/FM

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