Anytone AD-7777 Comes 2018

13 emails, lots of excited comments on Facebook about this nice, wow, super CB that comes in 2018. I’ve been asked my opinion about it so reluctantly I’ve taken time to answer emails, answer comments on Facebook and can now part with some information below for those that are interested.

The Facts:

Anytone hasn’t and doesn’t release radios in Anytone brand name working under 25.6

Anytone uses AT then model number, not AD.

DV/FM/SSB Only Brits would think of this, radio of course needs AM too

The Bluetooth microphone is from QYT used on 8900. Qixiang can make there own

Big Display costs a lot of money. CB people would want pay total €99 for the radio

DV (Digital Voice) Not On CB

Keyboard & GPS = Not Cheap

Add to this asked at the factory and they’ve not heard of it! But agree photo nice.

Plus imagine trying tell a UK guy to pay £350 for a CB.. Pages would fill with anger.

Guess not coming in 2018 only to a Photo Shop near you.

And they are so busy making other companies dreams come true they are too busy currently to make radios for themselves. That’s why not so much new AT stuff became available.

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  1. Anytone uses AT then model number, not AD. Yes, but if D stands for DIGITAL , the new D-line? Lets hope so 🙂


    • Trust me QX have some amazing ideas with stuff coming soon. And could be the end of the home engineer in the UK whose “my radio was not made right, I need adjust audio” the Dream will die and be gone forever.


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