October 2017

Coming in October we’ve the school report of the blog. Thanks to analytics we’ve managed to get some figures for the blog since it really started. By that I mean from when it actually started getting stuff posted and not in the first year when it was just sitting almost empty as no real interest.

To give some clues the analytics are based on first contact so actually aren’t correct as it doesn’t show if I replied 1 time to a message or indeed 12 times but you get to see the life of the blog and what is going on behind the scenes.

The range of emails are from around 11 till over 14,863 and cover all companies such as CRT, Qixiang, Avanti, President, Team, TYT, HYT, RM, Sirio, Stryker, Team, Tagra, Konektor, Ranger, Magnum, Kenwood, Yaesu, Icom, Alinco, Motorola, Baofeng, and others.

So we will add some of the figures here and it’s quite staggering. And for asked information then Modifications & nobody helps me are the current top. It’s quite amazing really, and this year the amount of emails from the USA and Canada have increased crazily too. So thanks to those guys who’ve wrote to me.

I can say in 2018 changes have to happen. Either I make some changes or the blog will be deleted from the server. It’s been a very very hard year for me blog wise so some things will need to be changed. I’ve already stopped adding ideas here mostly as have seen them being used on some stuff coming to market so not good. I’ve stopped communications with several places as when it’s one sided then best it is no sided. Overall stuff will change, it needs to change.

Questions Included:

I need free Anytone software, send it

President brings a new Homebase radio when?

I can’t get more than 20w from my CRT One N. Help me

Send me mike wiring for Astatic to Yaesu

When does Micron arrive

President McKinley EU, when does it come

Export Mode President Andy US

How to I make my DR-135UK work on 2 metres

Are Palomar a German company?

Maxlog they are Yaesu or Icom owned a cannot remember which it is

Why is this a radio blog? And no music on it

I bought a new CRT 6900n “it don’t have muppets on it, Radios crap”

Mike Adapter Stryker SR-94HPC (over 100 mails asking help)

Where is the LE SR-955 HPc Stryker?

Where can I buy Lincoln 1 mike

How much to send me an RSS918 radio, I’m in America

Can you fix my radio?

Where are all the new radios, I’m waiting

Do you work for Qixiang or President 🙄

When are all the new SSB radios coming

Mike wiring DNT M40

Can you sell me an EQ (maker is Sergei, not me)

Where in Germany are Albrecht manufactured

And the list can fill at least another 100 pages minimum

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6 thoughts on “October 2017

    • Hi Rob, sound advice I think. When you see the figures it will shock many. Just today alone 19 mails about CRT, 67 about President and 12 about others. That’s just emails landing without any replies. Think I’ll set up PayPal.me, advice costs.


  1. I always enjoy your blog and the information you share. It seems in this day, the same people that look at your blog and send you questions or demands could easily type those same questions into Google to find answers. It seems the internet had made people lazy, and they think that because you post information, you owe them something.

    Thank you for your efforts, your blog is still the best source of radio information available.


  2. Thank you again for all the effort you put into the blog. I watch every new post and always very interesting.
    I respect your slowing down, because you also have personal circumstances that need attention. But I hope you keep the blog going!


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