HNDX 2018 “Contests”

Great news for the contest people out there. The HNDX Group from Germany have already released the details of the events in 2018. Happily some are during the sporadic-e season so people away from Germany can surely take part. Below we’ve the initial calendar and when the time is nearer we will have an updated timeline of the events.


01. Jan. 2018 – Neujahrsfunken

31. Mär. 2018 – Echo Day

07. Apr. 2018 – Freenet Season

05. Mai. 2018 – FM Contest

09. Jun. 2018 – Freenet Season

07. Jul. 2018 – SSB Contest

11. Aug. 2018 – Freenet Season

01. Sep. 2018 – AM Contest

27. Okt. 2018 – Echo Day

I guess for many of us the major ones are FM Contest, AM Contest and SSB Contest. But what is also great is Freenet season. You can make some really great contacts on the 149 MHz band.

More Information:

AM Contest I entered from Liechtenstein with a Team TS-6M and a Sirio 4000 from the 1600m (5249ft) and it was a superb night of fun..

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