Spirit of Halloween Challenge

Found this out today when worked 14DA/Monster on a completely silent band in Hungary. The DA Group have set up a Halloween contest in a similar way to the Santa contest from some other clubs. Great idea indeed and kudos to them! Crazy stuff when you hear a station calling as 14 DA Monster. Below are the links etc, excellent idea.

Link to Contest: http://tinyurl.com/yaz6uobc

Participating Stations

• 3DA/BONES by 3DA012 Roger

• 13DA/MAGIC by 13DA017 Carsten

• 13DA/WITCH by 13DA121 Ralf

• 14DA/BAT by 14DA017 Laurent

• 14DA/DEMON by 14DA068 Willy

• 14DA/GHOST by 14DA014 Phil

• 14DA/MONSTER by 14DA024 Chris

• 14DA/SPIDER by 14DA021 Eric

• 30DA/DEVIL by 30DA012 Ruben

• 43DA/SKELETON by 43DA162 Brett

• 43DA/GHOUL by 43DA001 Darren

• 45DA/BLOOD by 45DA101 Dejan

• 68DA/ZOMBIE by 68DA021 John

• 104DA/PUMPKIN by 104DA101 Roy

• 104DA/SPIRIT by 104DA102 Syl

• 153DA/BROOM by 153DA012 Andre

• 164DA/COBWEB by 164DA101 Herve

Myself just got a Monster so far!

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